A gathering, because we deserve & need it.

Today is 19 June, 2014. Today, Nine One Ten, in collaboration & support of Squirrelwood North,   “A Storytelling – One, North; 2014” Fairbanks, Alaska   … experiences its first full-day.   The principals of Nine One Ten and Squirrelwood North are making their HQ property available for a gathering, “A Storytelling”, for the next […]

The Intro : “My Dinner With Ramey”

The text following below is the only prepared script for “My Dinner With Ramey” tonight. 21 MAR, 2014 8:30pm Mountain / 6:30pm Alaska You can watch it live here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QNdoUUJHriU *********** I know I will fall short of what I want to ultimately have achieved from tonight’s efforts; and the only way I know how […]

Getting a-head on two legs.

First published here. ****** It is arguable our Human intelligence evolved quite specifically because we walked. We developed languages; not just to speak with one another but because we walked, we made trails, we shared trails; and we had to speak with lions and tubers and often certain birds, all so that we could find […]

Patterns, Change and Walking My Talk: Legacies & Labyrinths

$28. $28 and that you share with a few folks what you did with that $28. That’s what this is. I’m asking you for $28 and your recommendation. (There’s a “donate” button at the bottom of the post here. I’ll leave your recommendation to your own chosen medium.) I’d like to make it about the […]