Life chooses Life.

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AN OPEN LETTER to Michael Cooper of Calgary, Alberta, to the CBC radio programme The 180, to the great radio programming of the CBC in general including shows like Spark, Tapestry, Ideas, Quirks & Quarks, The Current – and many others; to those who have suffered, and do continue to suffer,…

Happy Birthday to me, & 43’s.

There’s a LOT right in this World, that I should see this morning, 43. I could care-less about my ‘Ego’ in all this, ya know. I work so that I can hopefully one day feel like I’ve earned back the amazing richness of Life, of tempting Spirits; of the amazing adventures, of the diverse and […]

NW corner of the field East of Folsom Field

Years ago, on campus of the University of Colorado in Boulder, I entered a field, a practice/athletic field immediately to the east of the main stadium on campus, walking NE, towards Folsom and Arapahoe and the shopping district there. The noise and activity drew my attention, at the far end of the field, someone was […]

Telling it like it is,…Summer 1994

The Summer courses at the time, for the Institution of my undergraduate degree, were split into two 4-week sessions, with one 8-week block over-lapping or to follow. I filled that Summer of 1994 with classes. It was also the Summer of the birth of my niece.   If you follow this blog at all, you […]

“some mornings are like this”

(noted to a friend this morning, i wrote this….just for fun, to be nice; because would such simple lines be nice to know someone thought to share with you?) (and i dedicate it to all of our actions, needs, responsibilities & “full-plates”,… for the rising Sun in the east casts as much for such space, […]