“Friends, Family, Interested Spectators & Participants: … “

“Spring 1996 … ”


I hadn’t exactly forgotten about this letter, …

I also hadn’t exactly expected to come across it just now.

Considering, I am quite pleased the team of All*Star guardian angels yet again contrive to drop something which “shouldn’t be where it is/was”, “at just a fortuitous moment” for me.

(An important thing for the reader to consider,… I did not stop there. I did not go to Africa before returning to Alaska, but withdrew my application to the Peace Corps and returned to Alaska to start a Master’s Interdisciplinary Studies with the Philosophy/History Philosophy of Science professor & Philosopher mentioned in the letter. Dr. Rudy Krejci is who that is.

And I certainly did not stop there.)

(Bless his heart & work, Dr. Jim Marshall. I am also still in touch him; and I yet try to find any way I can to try and work on some project with him.    :)


For one way to access some of what’s become of the last 20-years, please also consider visiting: https://soundcloud.com/forestforthewood


And so,…sew,…sow,…


As I believe it was printed, copied and mailed to “Friends, Family, Interested Spectators & Participants”, & from the Spring of 1996, I submit a peek of the path & practice,…


Spring1996 form letter 1Spring1996 form letter 2Spring1996 form letter 3Spring1996 form letter 4Spring1996 form letter 5Spring1996 form letter 6Spring1996 form letter 7Spring1996 form letter 8Spring1996 form letter 9Spring1996 form letter 10Spring1996 form letter 11


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