For a 23rd, another April,…

“It’s magnificence, indeed.
It can be simple. It can be wrenching.
It’s just what folks want their story to be.
Including ‘purpose’, ‘accident’, ‘givens’, ‘projections’ & ‘knowing’,…
And sometimes it’s just who enjoys our honest & true voice, in some context ultimately of happenstance & each our own choosing, that we end up joy-filled, dancing & singing.

Damn straight good luck to we all,… none standing still on this train moving.

Yes, I will & do expect … … & accept every bit of that commitment, response- & accountability.
I don’t lie about my endgame, I never have – nor have I about my will, ability or my offerings,…
None but get to live their Love freely….
It’s *their* Love to give, after-all, really.
This doesn’t mean our passionate needs or desires are always met – also true. The Life & Love we commit our lives to experience, is just a choice, commitments, & surviving the story.
No guarantees.
& oft, whatever is *actually* wanted, is exactly what comes to being.
(This includes ‘material’ reality & ‘things’, I find, but also what becomes available to us in the diversity of ‘relating’.)

Blessings & well-beings,…

‘Giddy-up’ & ‘game on!’, in-deeds!

Much Love, yous,…

Again, blessings & well-beings.”


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