Alice, & the Rabbit-Holes of Grief, Condolences & Memories.

It was the end of February, 2012, when what’s at the bottom here was written. That was the day the last dog of my family died.

The spirits of these pups, the last I’ve gotten to share Life with, have been particularly strong and present these last 24 hours.

On my waking this morning, there have been notices in my Twitter timeline, of other animal & Human deaths for folks I follow there.

Though, I can admit, I’d been thinking of doing something like this anyway, … feeling the respect for the relationships which, on death, don’t ‘stop’, but must yet forever change,… I’m wanting to offer the memories of not just their lives, but this imprint of death & dying which consumes the resonant present for those still conscious and breathing.

To Alice, … again,… and to Dillon,… again,… but, more specifically and importantly, to the processing of processing, & to continued acts of Loving those no longer alive to share in it.

“Do we ever ‘get over’ the Death of a loved one? I don’t think so. I think it is something we learn to live through, and with, … more so, as sad or hard as it is, it’s a chance to make our lives ‘bigger’, because those Lives we Loved so much, are no more.”


At 6:20am this morning, Alice died.

The sweet girl has been dealing with a weakening heart and though she was just 4 weeks away from her 15th birthday, she decided it was time to let go here.

At the time of Dillon‘s death in June, 2010, I learned a lifetime about Love and Grace. This morning offers me a different chance to understand my Life.
With Alice’s death today dies the last relationship that’s known and has been a part of all my travels and lifetimes these last 12-18 years.
I have spent the bulk of the last 12 years on the road and though it’s afforded me the chance to meet such wonderful people, it’s also necessitated that so many of you have only had the chance to know parts and aspects of me and my livings.
My dogs were the last and only ones that bridged it all.
Alice takes with her a unique, cherished and amazing part of my Life. She is the last that knew it all.
Chapters have closed but on this Monday, a book is being re-shelved.

New stories await.

Thank you, Sweet Alice, for putting up with the 100,000+ miles on the road, the boats and trains and those handful of rides on planes. You were loving, patient and always wanted to be sure that everyone else was okay.
Thank you, too, everyone, for playing whatever part you did in sharing our stories.

She was True.


IMG_0454(1)     16010020

rainydayfriends_20140907_0001     16010031

IMG_2155(1)     spooning dogs(1)


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