It started as a “Happy Valentine’s Day!” tweet. (or a continuation of one.)

(literally. cut & pasted as typed-in over there,…)

Simply. As nicely as we each would hope be our response to a HIGHER expectation of Care. Community. Kind. Kin. Trust. One’s Word. A fair discretion to be nice, to ‘strangers’, to ‘neighbours’, To be able, by some honest accounting, , find more creative ways to account for each other, for our selves; more of us need a larger respect of the ‘resources’ too few have fed off of; the work of half our human population; to carry such stress, such a load , for so many generations, so many mothers, & daughters, so many males getting off, in far too many ways, the hook – I wager HUMANS, & Men, must *certainly* WORK YOUR/OUR SHIT OUT. Somehow. Mate. There’s just too much abuse, too much neglect, too many of us, of you, who have an opportunity, in whatever circumstance, whatever position, “class”, access to whatever resource it is you think you need before you can just ACT, & hold each other ACCOUNTABLE, fairly, at scale, & be intimate. DEAL. Be honest. Open. Vulnerable. Why intentionally both respect your vulnerability & expect a “HIGHER expectation” from others? Because “selfish”? Because “needy”? Because “narcissist”? Maybe. Maybe boating accident, too. Maybe everything goes great for you. But I see me an elephant, & I’ve been working to find some way to try to make this easier,…but it’s time, blokes. It’s time you beautiful, powerful, engineering, crafty, caring, seemingly inexhaustible, passionately, mysteriously pioneering, wise, wonderful, healing, tasty, wired, weird, & utterly (dare I? I dare; “udderly” –*BOOM*– ),….We’re ALL gonna be kinda fucked if we keep DISRESPECTING & wasting us all!
Might just be, we aren’t all going to make it into some story-book old age cruiseline, condo, two week PCT adventure w/your new knees at 70,…& cuz it seems, what ever shit circumstance we’ve been working so hard to beat ourselves up to believe is ‘the way it’s got to be’ – which is pretty obviously a totally bullshit way of trying to push our Human-Manity – Living means a *much* deeper response, to the higher passion & ability, of Respect, of giving each other a bit of a break because SHIT IS HARD – & would have said ‘unbelievably’, but it isn’t. SO frickin many are experiencing it. whatever you might want to call the experiment; it sucks. I think we not only *can* behave a bit nicer, to listen, BECAUSE we need to know it’s safe *to* ‘be heard’.
We learn. We make mistakes. We sometimes, because of illness, abuse, what country you were born, in 1391 or 1493. Eh? Broke someone’s heart over a prideful inability to just say sorry? Or, “Hey-you seem like someone who’d be fun to just *do* something with.” A ‘buisness’, a ‘playground’, an extra lot for community garden/assisted living/community food support. Why not grasshopper ranching? Why not apples in AK? Why not just let our kids BE OK w/who they are – & will, no matter what, …duh, haven’t, aren’t we? – THERE IS SO MUCH WISDOM just beginning to be given that mysterious nod that “It’s ok. Trust it. It’s time. Just. Stop. Stop it. Talk. Stop him. Be a *SAFE* place. BECAUSE. Because! It’s *nice*. Because it’s *feels* better. Because the neglect MUST stop. The violence. The CAUSING of such *shit*.
Because, shit is gonna hit the fan, in *some* way, very intimately,…& we might gonna get scared,…& we need MEN. To Respond. Respectively. Respectfully. I imagine there’s a greater diversity of us than I’ve been fortunate to have gotten exposure & introduction – & I’m counting on it.
We do better inspired. We reach further when we are encouraged. We heal better when we respect OUR Selves, to BELIEVE in our SELVES, to, perhaps too obviously,…to WANT to LIVE. TO RESPECT LIVING. To teaching the wee vulnerable & completely stumbling innocent ones *every* care-filled & honest thing we know about mistakes, & forgiveness, of not trying to pretend to any *wrong* when we stumble, if we hurt, if we’re confused, if we’re just. needing. to. be. ENCOURAGED. Instead. Instead of all the energy, resources, ‘value’ being thrown at being nasty. Hurting. Abusing. For fuck’s sake. Aren’t there more of us Ready? To just. To just *try* a little harder, to be nicer with each other. To be straight w/one another? That maybe others are facing a whole lot of shit too. And THEY ARE MAYBE even MORE scared than you?!
We do need to take better care. I think we do.
To play as much as we can. To engage & be respectful as much as we can. To expect the opportunity to be even nicer to the stranger you might meet crossing the desert or plain on day. Or the young nurse who has a sick mom, a *whatever* veteran husband, has been on shift for you don’t wanna know how long – & your 13yr old was in the car w/who? What? How? Accident?
Who spends time,…like, get  to donate 1000 ipads, w/ subscriptions, so more 85 year olds, and 45 year olds, & 73yr olds & high schools & elementary ‘wisdom’ classes, those who like baseball, say, so they can listen to their favourite games, have a nice local garden snack, learn, tell stories, imagine the baseball field, – to give ourselves chances to JUST BE AT PEACE w/each other –  or   basketball, or,… (& partner the app w/over lap of “aging question/resources…historical references, brain games, etc.)…someone would be wise to set something like that up. Hella marketing potential. Very low investment, VERY high potential returns. (I wil take credit, thanks. +1) The benefits to have that overlap of intergenerational honesty, reflection, forgiveness, legacy, invest-&reinvestments, story telling, ‘anchoring’,… to have 2-3 hours/week listening to a baseball game, & learning knitting, or doing puzzles, & having/sharing nutritious snacks, encouraging each other, listening to each other, teaching EACH OTHER. Not getting druck and being a dick.
& boy are we going to need young, strong passionate & capable,…people. Humans. 
Men able to respond. To SUPPORT those powerfully passionate & willing motive power of Life Women,…Because we are ALL the better for it.
Just duh.

And why not be *nice* about it at the same time. Fuckers. Why keep that lame-ass Willfulblindness cloak? 
At least, that’s how I see it.

Happy frickin’ V-Day, m’friends.
I Love you all more than I know you might right now believe.
& I know some of you don’t believe it.
I’m glad for your Art.
I will respect our Vulnerability, our *stuff* that happens: the ‘mistakes’, the stumbles, the dis-eases, the affects on us of not being able to give ourselves some forgiveness, some ability to count on someone more abled, someone who benefited from the wisdom or opportunity or resources or challenge which was given them,….which is was. We’re Alive, aren’t we? They survived. Who took care of them, as babies, as wee vulnerable be-ings? Who will take care of you, when, maybe?,…when, you can’t speak very clearly for yourself, when you need CARE? Eh?
What if all you have is Rabbit, Squirrel, Tree, Sun, Stars, Raven,…what if ‘neighbour’ has the water? what happens if you finally decide or convince yourself that *everything* must be a fight. That *everything* will be just another hit, another trip, another rug pulled from you, another fist, slap, rape, bullying, intimidation, etc.,….eh?
That’s not the World.
Life chooses Life.

We All can be in on the “get”.
Get it?

Got it?




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