My “Big Secret”; another attempt

Maybe saying it this way might help some of you understand “Ramey’s Big Secret”.


I’ve been tweeting some pictures of different art projects I have in the works.

A few of those triggered sharing some instances of previous examples of what I’ve worked on over the years.

This is what’s inspired this phrasing of my “Big Secret”.


I wagered long, long ago that 1) I would never survive making my life dependent on an immoral advantage of a top-heavy system. I couldn’t articulate it quite that way, but, yes,…I am on record from as early as grade 1, not only stating such, but questioning the authority (school, family, etc.) which said “you have to be ‘a man’…this is the way ‘the system works’…you are tall and white, you must learn to advantage that, worth every Penny!” (Can you believe the “Tall People’s Club” give scholarships? oh. dumb question,…of course you knew stuff like that existed…);

Given a perspective which is oriented to believe that “the way things are” has any chance at surviving the number of years I’d hoped to – and do yet still! – there was no way being a TALL White mother-fucker was going to work.


And then, 2) Being nice, really caring for people, allowing others their mistakes and allowing others to allow you yours, etc., would be a good way to Mature into.

 Pleasant or Smart? Why give up either?


So, here it is:

Like markers on a trail, like chapters in a book, I have done what I’ve done knowing those efforts – thought “crazy”, “erratic”; “why can’t Ramey just pick one of the things he’s good at and stick with it? He has so much potential. He succeeds at everything he tries and does.”,…

That’s right. I do.

I am not done yet.

I knew – or at least was graced with enough influence and guidance very early in my life – that to survive deep into adulthood, in the environment and culture that was being offered me, and that trajectory it was clearly committed to consuming, my ability to show my commitment to creativity, to “play”, to, against all odds, even when your actual life is on the line, act with care and integrity, be committed to what’s important, do not sell-out;

for whatever community I would be a part of to help “me and we” age and be cared for, would ask for at least that to be our baseline,…

Trust is an issue for people today. Being abandoned, being taken advantage of; fraud and neglect and all the abuse that seems expected,


…just think of how big of a deal Enron isn’t. Or Fukushima. Or the knowings Civilisation has worked so hard to kill, in the form of Life, Indigenous Peoples, etc., the knowledge and stories of which we will absolutely need to survive these coming years.

Manipulating you to get more power makes no fucking sense.

I knew my best shot – regardless of who never saw me pick up that trash on campus, stop those two guys hitting that woman, or the solo-sit ins and all the nights of sidewalk chalk ‘art of the possible’ work or the decorating of university classrooms at night so it would be a random PARTY for the classes the next day – yes, even with homemade cookies… My best shot was going to be to learn “Promise” and “Commitment” and “Relationship”,…and to, at all costs, invest in the time when that kind of integrity and practice would have more value than any bank account in the World.

I believe those days are here.

I believe those days are coming such that more of you will have to evaluate how you’re going to not only “make ends meet”, but NONE of us does that alone,…and how will you be able to tell who you can count on? And when your life, when the life of your children, is at stake? Who will you be able to Trust? What tools will you use to make that evaluation?


We all in the first world, and the majority of those are victims, are so accustomed to privilege,…

If you think more bigger guns and cases of food in your basement is going to “save” you;


Good luck with that.

None of you have to agree with me. Yet everything I am and have done has been for us all.

I proudly understand this as a selfish act. I absolutely seek my own best interest; and commit myself accordingly.

How do I deal with hardship?

How does one travel with very little cash?

How will I know it’s safe to explore this part of my passion, or this embarrassing need,…Or how can I possibly see the light when this pain tells me to end my life, and no one around me seems to have any care or willingness to understand what I’m going through,…

Is art good for you?

You mean someone really is genuinely open to share all the shit, while we also care for Elders, play in the forests and support each other to let our kids LEARN?

(Do the research,…guess how you’ll best afford staving off dementia and making sure your beloveds have the care they need…)

I’ve been walking my talk for years.

Y’all might have thought I was crazy.


As it’s speculated Marshall McLuhan might have responded to “you’re a man ahead of your time!”,…”No, you see,” I imagine him responding, “I am a Man of this time,…and the rest of you are necessarily behind.”

Read this as Ego and I’m happy to allow you to excuse yourself, and you needn’t be bothered by the likes of me.

But consider the scope and commitment, the unyielding loyalty to a good and legitimate way to be;

(Reflecting that we’ll have to find some way to wash this Civilisation from our skins if we’re to survive.)

I would need the fodder to offer that I am, indeed, someone who throws their weight behind well-being. And I do it over time, and even through all the shit.

It’s not because 10,000 Baby Boomers are turning 65 each day, for the next 17 years; all of whom will need services and care which no one out there has heretofore done anything at scale to attend to OUR ACTUAL conditions which exist,…oh. And that Boomer generation, the largest one in N.America, by the way,…78 Million of them,… 70% of the Wealth is trapped there,… and WHAT on Earth might they throw that resource around when they realise what’s their best shot?

Yup. Shit.

The “market” is full of and filling with all kinds of “Wellness” and “Brain Health” and “Ways for Successful Aging!”,…


And they market high-heels to older folks.

Shoes: $200.00

Expenses from the hip replacement after the fall, the caretakers and plane trips of the kids who likely don’t live in a state or province nearby, the therapists, lawyers or other professionals needed to help the kids deal with who’ll get what?, who’s responsible for what?, who’s going to take care of Mom now,…because my 34 year-old just had to move back in, with his part-time kids, etc…: $Yeah, afford that.

For the last few years, start-ups and movements of entrepreneurs have been scrambling to build their product and rope their slice of the pie,…

Some of you will be able to successfully tap that well.

But it won’t last.

My “Big Secret”,…

I have real and tangible evidence and story, complete with aged installations and props; through all my mistakes and all the criticism, misunderstanding, wanton disrespect and insult has been paid me (we can have the skin colour privilege converstation still…I account for that likely more than you might could possibly expect.), and all those for which I have paid toll and attentions for;

I back my shit up.

And I continue to prove it.

   Some of you won’t see that value. I get it. I wish you well.

But for those who do,… If my body can survive the demands currently being put on it to emotionally, spiritually, economically survive being slapped around by these systems today,…

That I’ve had a gate hanging in the forest here for over ten years, and the reasons behind it’s making; and the role it’s played in changing people’s lives,… It’s a demonstrable commitment I wager those of you with whom we’ll have our best shot giving our youth a chance to support their kids; at a time and in a marketplace which screams bullying, insult, disrespect and – ask Twitter – “who will I, who can I Trust? Who will listen? Who will speak?”

I’ve never thought is was something I needed to sell you.

I know it’s not something of value which can be sold.

And I’ve never acted like it.

Sure, invest in some ideas or with me in this amazing landscape we get to share here in the Interior of Alaska,… But my value is knowing how to still find the better questions, to be willing to consider imaginative problem solving, and to believe so purely that whatever needs doing can be done – without any hyperbole – I bet my life that we can be and create and treat each other, fairly, playfully, honestly, compassionately,…because it works. I prove it. EVERY DAY.

The only thing that will change this, change me,…is Death.

I committed to proving that out since I was 6.

It may not be your “flavour”,…But when you “get” what I’m talking about here,…

Well. You’ll get it.

And then be in touch,…there’s still plenty left we get to do.

Pass it on.




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