A Note to a Nephew; first baby being born.

Good luck to everyone today! This young little body, heart, spirit and mind will and can only know what it’s born into, remember,… It doesn’t know last August, or last Monday or what happened on some Tuesday when you were in High School or at University. It doesn’t know what did, or did not, happen […]

My “Big Secret”; another attempt

Maybe saying it this way might help some of you understand “Ramey’s Big Secret”.   I’ve been tweeting some pictures of different art projects I have in the works. A few of those triggered sharing some instances of previous examples of what I’ve worked on over the years. This is what’s inspired this phrasing of […]

i can match that pledge

i have no more room there is no more energy i am granted for disappointment     i am tired being of being disappointed i am sure some of you are too i am tired of the energy spent on, for, given those who which wrap their lives in the expectation the relationships the idea […]