off-the-cuff from a lifetime

hi! soon soon soon most importantly you and I must hang out! we do also and also important the power is hot a switch makes it live and tell me of your plans what ideas what contacts what people what needs what resources what schedules and the three of us it’s time we touch base […]

A gathering, because we deserve & need it.

Today is 19 June, 2014. Today, Nine One Ten, in collaboration & support of Squirrelwood North,   “A Storytelling – One, North; 2014” Fairbanks, Alaska   … experiences its first full-day.   The principals of Nine One Ten and Squirrelwood North are making their HQ property available for a gathering, “A Storytelling”, for the next […]

What if everyone forgot Christmas – except you?

What if you were the only one to remember, say, Christmas, one year? Can you imagine the funny ping of excitement toned by the puzzlement over why no one else was getting it? I don’t mean everyone is all Grinchy. I mean, nothing. No acknowledgment whatsoever. It’ll still be December 21, 24,…25. Does it matter if […]