Bold white turtle-necks with little fruit.

(working draft) Often, thoughts of that girl in the white turtle-neck, the ones with the little fruit all over them,…they re-visit me. It was at Wheels Roller Rink in Boulder; had to have been the late 1970’s.* My mom was dating a guy named Lenny (not his real name). Lenny had a motorbike, attended Mile […]

“An interesting experience for me today, a first.” – or – “Yes. ‘You promised to help me with my education.’ No. ‘You will not disrespect me.'”

( edited only as composed ) “The Alaska Brain Injury Network is a non-profit advisory board dedicated to improving the lives of Alaskans affected by traumatic brain injury. Our board meetings are open to the public. Come join us!” I did. Yesterday. It was my first of any such “Brain Injury” meeting. Kind of hard […]